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LaCrosse Tribune September 26, 2004
Mixing It Up

Weekend Excursion Uncovers Sweet Treat
John Haverty
Franciscan Skemp
For the first time in five years we went camping on Labor Day weekend. We chose to go to Wisconsin Dells to meet up with family from Chicago. The weather was great, and we did a lot of the things the area has to offer.


What I had not planned on was this attraction called Extreme World. Having a crazy brother-in-law and a wife to match they went on this thing called the Ejection Seat that sent them into the wild blue tethered by an elastic cord. I was asked to participate and refused, then finally agreed to go on a thing called the Sky Coaster. I was promised dinner if I went.

The establishment had its beginning in the 1930s, with the Wimmers taking ownership in 1943. They must be doing something right, I thought. A quick glance at the menu and wine list let me know this would be a good evening.

The escargot and broiled lobster we had as an appetizer were divine. The steak, fish and duck entrees all were perfectly cooked. Our server from New Zealand was flawless and anticipated every need.

Way too full to take one more bite but still having room for dessert, I ordered a chocolate torte. Anyone who reads my column knows I love chocolate, and this dessert was truly chocolate. Rich, buttery, extravagant-I search for the words. Topped off with an espresso, I could not have been happier.

John Haverty, a certified executive chef at Franciscan Skemp Medical Center, writes a column every-other week for the Food Section. He can be reached at

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