Ice Wine

Welcome to the Del Bar. Ice wine! The sweet taste of the gods. Ice wine is a specialty, crafted only in freezing weather. Ice wine has a long history originating in Germany, and was established here in Wisconsin with German immigrants.

Producing ice wine is a precarious venture. One of the stumbling blocks to ice wine is the bird population. They can wreak havoc and destroy entire crops. Unseasonably warm weather can also factor into a failed crop.

However, when all goes well, the grapes hang on the vine throughout other fall harvests, and then, on one of the coldest days of winter, they are handpicked during the night and whisked off to be pressed into one of the specialties of the year. The longer the grapes stay on the vine, the more the sugars, acids and fruity taste concentrate into intense flavor. The wine is extremely sweet, with fruity flavors and a silky smooth texture.

The Del Bar is proud to serve this fine dessert wine...a limited number of bottles however. Cheese, foie gras, fruit pastries and chocolate are ideal pairings with the ice wines. Come enjoy some of this extraordinary wine or our other dessert wines after a delicious winter dinner at our restaurant. We look forward to serving you.

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